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Starda Mould offers a wide range of high-precision rubber parts tailored to your needs. Our engineers work with clients to create custom-manufactured products including:
·Pump impellers
·Shock mounts
Working with talented and courteous staff to develop intuitive molds and product designs, customers across the country see Starda Mould as an indispensable part of their supply chain.
We create quality, large-volume products by harnessing intuitive machine design on a massive scale.
For example, we produce O-rings by working with customers to design compression molds in accordance with their material, diameter, and thickness requirements. Then, we create an uncured medium from the desired material and pour it into the mold. Through a combination of pressure and time, the material cures, forming desired O-rings for small- and large-volume orders.
Sometimes, clients require us to efficiently create many different O-rings of varying strengths and tolerances at the same time. In these cases, we work with the customers to design transfer molds according to their requirements. We first design a bottom plate with the desired specifications of each O-ring type. After pouring uncured material in the bottom plate, we use a flat top plate to force the material in the mold, creating a number of different products at the same time.
We don’t shy away from taking the time needed to design the perfect mold for your application. Once we have achieved the mold design, our facilities can efficiently turn out any volume of products as your business needs.
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