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Blow molding is a manufacturing process that employs two-piece molds to create hollow parts and products made from plastic. Industry professionals may use different variations of the process, such as extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, or stretch blow molding, depending on the part and production requirements.
We offer full-service blow molding solutions to help customers at every stage of the production process. Equipped with over five decades of industry experience and 26 blow molding machines, we can accommodate a wide range of project specifications, including:
·Shot capacities of 0.66 to 25 lbs.
·Product sizes ranging from 1 in. to 6 ft.
·Multi-component assemblies requiring plastic welding and press fitting
In addition to our blow molding capabilities, we offer custom mold design, new product development, existing product redesign, finishing, inspection, assembly, and packaging and shipping services.
A typical blow molding project proceeds as follows:
1.Designing the custom product mold
2.Blending and plasticizing the raw material
3.Extruding the plastic as a parison (i.e., a sleeve of material)
4.Enclosing the parison inside of the mold form
5.Introducing compressed air to force the plastic to adhere to the mold design
6.Removing the hollow form from the machine
7.Trimming, inspecting, and assembling the form to customer specifications
8.Packing and shipping the finished blow molded component for delivery to the customer
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